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October 6, 2017

(i). Technology

POS system

iCashout features a point of sale system which is an amalgamation of the software and hardware where the merchant base can do transactions and make the enterprise operations very much simpler.

The POS system which we have incorporated provides additional flexibility related to transactions. Featured are tools to smoothen the business functioning and enhance alter the enterprise industry as in this case full-service restaurants.


Featured for both the iOS and Android systems, the networking related to POS is where the merchant network is connected with the help of Wi-Fi and the POS associated network is also synced up with the same

Display Board

iCashout incorporates stunning display boards where the addition of new menu items and price changes are associated with few clicks. It serves to enhance customer experience and reduce the wait times significantly. Brand consistency is also maintained for the restaurant.

(ii). Credit Card and Payroll Processing Services

iCashout features an all-in-one integrated credit card processing solution aimed at offering flexibility and several options like in-person, online and mobile processing methods. The merchant base can manage credit cards related to transaction processes.Routine and integrated payroll processing which comes automated is also featured for the effective functioning of the enterprise.

(iii). Value Added Services

iCashout comprises of an effective online ordering system where you can make the food prepared according to your preferences all with the help of the smartphone where your dish is prepared with few clicks and associated comments.

We ensure that your restaurant enterprise gains the attention of people with the help of strategic branding and marketing. The services which iCashout provides for you serves to transfigure the restaurant enterprise into an effective means of revenue generation.