A restuarant app which offers an innovative way of dining

October 27, 2017

Dining at your favorite restaurants and eateries is really a memorable event, where you can have your tasty and delicious food with a good ambience. If you are a gourmet and you crave for even more pleasing atmosphere and experience at your favorite hangouts then without any second thoughts download and install the iCashout app. This revolutionary app will serve to be the future when it comes to dining or making a takeout. The app cleverly sorts out all the typical hassles associated with eateries and makes sure that you are on time for your next appointment. It is as simple and clever as that. Waiting times associated with impatience and a bland atmosphere are things of the past.  The app ensures that the gourmets are not let down even for a single moment and serves to keep them in high spirits for the total time they relate themselves with their desired restaurant. The app has been developed such that, it pays importance to the value of precious time of the foodies. The iCashout app follows a simple yet powerful operational motto- Order, Pay & Go. Everything related to dining sums up with this unique motto and functioning logic.

The app also finds its importance where every single task related to dining is carried out from the smartphones of the foodies without being associated with any other factor or external aid. It stays true to the logic where the food item ordering and the payment which comprise three-fourths of the app’s motto is done all with the manipulation of the smartphone. The ‘Go’ part of the motto is used to denote the fact that everything before leaving the restaurant is done in a smooth and streamlined manner without any hassles of any sort.

Foodies will have never before manipulated a restaurant app which serves to act as a beacon to identify restaurants partnered up with the app and also helps in customizing the food according to your preferences and track its progress as it is being cooked. That’s right! the gourmets can be synced up with the kitchen chef to ensure that the food is prepared based on your fondness and liking and that you are up to date with the food cooking status. Another additional feature is that if you are lunching or dining out with a group and you face sudden unexpected guests, you can add seats for them from the vicinity of the iCashout app itself.

Never ever wait long for a bill to be generated and paid. With the app, bill payment is made more simplified and quicker all done once again with the help of the smartphone with the guarantee that the transaction done is very much secure enough. Splitting of bills in case of a group dining is also featured in the app. There is no need of giving your credit card out to third parties and sources. Everything is taken care by a PCI Compliant Technology integrated with the app.

That would give much insight regarding how the app works and it has already built up a lot of credibilities and reputation as being associated with several eateries in the region and one fine day it will surely be integrated with your favorite hangout. Happy Dining with iCashout !!