iCashout – A stylish and amazing restaurant app for the food lovers

October 26, 2017

Foodies will always yearn and desire something like a modern revolutionary approach when it comes to dining at their favorite hangouts. They wish that the typical hassles and wait times associated with the restaurants are eliminated for good and further they prefer to be kept entertained and up to date when carrying out the dining. Another wish they have is that the hassles of the prolonged bill payment need to be dealt with and ascertain that a quick and smooth billing process is done incorporating security when doing the transactions. 

It will be wonderful if everything related to eating food at a restaurant or making a takeout or requesting food delivery is done in a neat and smart way all from the vicinity of the foodies’ smartphones. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?. It would be smart and neat if you dont have to wait in an eatery for a server to arrive and jot down the orders or wait impatiently at the restaurant countertop for the food to be prepared and made ready for takeout.

What if you are able to monitor the status of your order on a consistent basis? It will really be a cool and innovative experience. For that purpose to satisfy the gourmets’ aforementioned desires and ensure that your time in an eatery is amazing from the beginning to the end after bill payment, we give you the smart iCashout App.

The app will notify the user if any restaurant partnered with it is close by in a clever and interactive manner. Once inside the eatery the iCashout app will welcome the gourmets and featured is a dynamic menu which will surely captivate your attention and is very easy to manipulate. The food is ordered from the device through the app and it is prepared in a way as per your preferences and taste. For this, the data keyed in will be shared with the kitchen chef. Next, you can track and view the status of the order as it gets ready.

Therefore the foodies’ attention is kept occupied until the yummy food is ready to be served. 

Once satiated to the fullest, next comes the bill payment

Bill Payment though iCashout features robust security integrated technology and there is no need to hand out the credit cards to third parties at all. If the gourmets are accompanied by their friends, they can invite them to use the app and ensure effective bill splitting among one another, which is also an enthralling feature of this amazing iCashout app. The bill payment is done that quickly

For takeouts, you will know when the food will be ready or you can make sure that the food is ready and hot at your preferred time of takeout.

Overall this app which has made quite an impact in the region after being partnered with several eateries makes sure that the wait time is cut down and that the gourmets are associated with a classy way of dining or making a takeout.

What are you waiting for? Download the iCashout app and visit your favorite eatery. Bon Appetit!