iCashout- An innovative restaurant app which serves to amaze and pay importance to the time of its users

October 30, 2017

Let us bring up some facts. When going to restaurants to have the desired food, the gourmets are subject to waiting periods related to the server coming to jot down the order and waiting until the food is served. Next, comes the bill payment process which will test the patience along with the concern that the data can be compromised when making a purchase with the help of the credit or debit cards. For foodies who prefer to make take outs, the eatery will say that the order will be ready in about “X” minutes. Once the foodies come to the restaurant, they are forced to wait because the food is not yet ready to be delivered to the counter top of the eatery. The same goes for food delivery process where the gourmets are guaranteed that the food ordered will be delivered in a given time but it does not happen in all cases, making the foodies fume and get frustrated by the delay.

How about a restaurant app which values the precious time of its customers? Where everything related to the food preparation or delivery can be tracked in real time and the app users have a complete assertion that the food will be ready in a given amount of time? An innovative restaurant app which ensures that there is no frustration on part of the customers at any moment when being associated with the eatery and also guarantees that payment for the service is very much secure and safe?.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? The app for your queries and desires is the sophisticated iCashout app! The app has already made quite an impact in the restaurants which have embraced it, promoting to give a stylish and classy way when it comes to dining or takeout at an eatery.

To sum it up briefly, the app alerts the user if a restaurant partnered with it is located nearby. Then the users after reaching the eatery can make orders from the smartphone which are prepared according to their preferences and can track the order as it is being prepared. Bill payment is also done from the smartphone itself in a safe, secure and quick manner. Paying bills is associated with a PCI Compliant Technology and there are much more features integrated with regards to payment

 For takeouts, the customers will know when the order will be ready and can come at that time or they can schedule the order to be ready at their time of convenience when it comes to pick up. Rest assured there is no waiting time for the app user. They can order food, make payment and that’s it, the app will track the food as it is prepared and they can come and collect it based on the time for it to be ready as notified through the iCashout app.

The same logic applies for food delivery as well, where the food preparation and delivery is tracked in a smart and efficient way.

The app has generated a fan following and positive reception in the restaurants which have embraced and integrated it. Soon the app will be featured for your favorite hangout when it comes to eating and get set for a classy way when it comes to dining or making an order.