iCashout- An restaurant app which values the time of its users

October 23, 2017

The way how we dine at eateries is surely evolving. There is a revolutionary phase related to the aspect of eating at our favorite restaurants. No one would prefer the traditional way of dining or be making a takeout or be waiting for a food delivery- They will surely be tired of it and will look for a change which serves to please them and satiate them both with regards to the food and the functioning behind it.

iCashout is the answer to all your desires. The amazing restaurant app ensures that you have a great time dining in your desired restaurants. It serves to be a beacon or a notifier if an eatery which has partnered with the iCashout app is in the locality of where the user is present currently.

When you reach the restaurant, you dont have the need to wait for a server to come and take down your orders. You can order the food from your smartphone itself via the app. The interactive menu page of the app is quite classy and stylish much to your amazement. iCashout ensures that your order is developed according to your preferences and you are synced up with the kitchen of the eatery to make the same feasible.

The motto of the app is “Order, Pay & Go”. Once your order details are fed into the system, you can track the order as it is being cooked and prepared for being served hot. That serves to complete the “Order” part of its motto.

Next once the delicious food has been served and you have been satisfied, the typical bill process where you have to give your credit card to the restaurant to make payments is circumvented totally. You can make the payment from your smartphone itself that easily similar to how you order your food with the help of the app.

Rest assured the payment system of the app integrated with the robust PCI Compliant Technology ascertains that you can make the payment securely and that there are no security breaches or incidents of hacking by malicious third parties.

If you have come with a group of people for dining, then when paying the bill, surely there will be some confusion associated with splitting the bill fare. Dont worry for the iCashout app has an effective and handy bill splitting feature where you can pay for what you have ordered alone. You can invite your friends to use the app and make the payment from the same as well. Thus bill payment is done all in an instant and it completes the second part of the motto.

You can also add more seats to your table if there are additional guests who appear all of a sudden with the help of the app.

For takeouts, it is similar to how you manipulate the app for dining. The food is pre-ordered and cooked according to your preferences and the payment is then done. You will know when the take out will be ready at the countertop and to your amazement, you can schedule the order to be ready at your preferred timings. It is simple as that- Order, Pay, then come to the eatery and pick up your order without waiting even for an instant.

The main operational logic as implemented by the iCashout app is to reduce the time related to services which are typically associated with the traditional restaurant processes.

iCashout strives to ensure that there is not even a single dull moment related to waiting and it understands your valuable patience which wont be exploited or used up.

The app has made quite an impact in several restaurants in New Jersey and more and more eateries are embracing it for their betterment. Soon this app will come to your favorite dine-in and happy dining with iCashout!!