iCashout- Dining at restaurants has never been this neat and amazing !

October 31, 2017

Dining at a favorite hangout is surely a memorable experience thanks to the delicious food served, the charming ambience of the eatery and several other factors. How about yearning for even more where the valuable time of the gourmet is considered to be very much important when it comes to dining. iCashout app is the recommended suggestion for you. The main principle on which the app operates is mitigating the delays when it comes to dining in a restaurant or making a takeout. Further another goal which this revolutionary app serves to appease is that the foodies are assured to be entranced throughout the time they spend in the eatery and ensure that they are on time to deal with other appointments for the day. 

The iCashout app ensures that the user can place the orders from the vicinity of the smartphone and rest assured the food is prepared as based on how the user wants it to be cooked and served. For this, the app encompasses a special feature where the user base is linked with the kitchen chef and the preferences are inputted and keyed in accordingly.There is no need for a server to do this and the time associated with servers coming to note down orders is eliminated from the picture.

You would have surely be enthralled by how some restaurants offer the user base a live view of tracking the food order as it is subject to several phases of cooking and preparation. You will be amazed as this feature is integrated with the iCashout app as well where the stages of progress are outlined in a neat and organized format so that the foodies get to know the status related to the order in a way similar to how food delivery process is carried out. This will surely keep the gourmets enthralled, circumventing the scenario where they lose their patience waiting for the food to be served.

For takeouts, the gourmet can customize and order the food from the smartphone and make the payment (related to which we will speak later) and they will know the progress related to the preparation of the dish and are informed when the food will be ready at the countertop. All the user has to come and collect the food and leave without any hassles or waiting.

Payment is integrated with a PCI Compliant technology which ensures that payment is done from the smartphone itself in a quick and secure manner. There is no need to handle out the credit card related to payments at the restaurants. It is done effectively and neatly in an organized way with the help of the iCashout app. Also featured is a bill splitting feature which ensures that when dining in a group, the user can pay only for what he has ordered. The users can also invite their friends to the smart app to make the bill payments effectively.

Soon the app will be introduced in  other cities and last but not the least, the app acts as a radar to notify the user if any eatery partnered with the app is nearby.

This sums up some major details about this revolutionary restaurant app and by now you will be visiting the App store be it Apple or Google to download this amazing app.