iCashout- Serving to augment the dining experience when you go to a restaurant

November 2, 2017

Want a neat and effective way of dining at eateries where everything is organized properly and serves to satiate you to the fullest? Want the food to be cooked according to your preferences and also track its progress? How about doing this from the smartphone of yours without being associated with the time for servers to come and note down what you want?.  How about the scenario where everything is integrated into a single smart app which innovatively transforms the way when it comes to being associated with a restaurant related to dining, food delivery or making a takeout. This is where iCashout comes to the picture. 

The revolutionary restaurant app serves to add classy refinements and touches related to the foodies when they go to have a meal at their preferred hangouts. The iCashout app acts as a beacon alerting you if you are in the proximity of any eatery which has partnered with the app. Once in the restaurant, it will welcome you with a greeting and its amazing menu interface serves effectively to get proficiency and you can easily use the integrated settings of the app when it comes to having food. You can order and customize the food according to how you want it to be prepared for serving it deliciously and subsequently satiating your taste buds and your hunger craving stomach. This is all done from the smartphone using the app and it serves to connect you with the kitchen staff for the same. After that, the progress of the cooked food is tracked from the app. You are ready then to eat your tasty dish and make yourself content. 

Bill payment with iCashout app is also very helpful and in case of group dine outs, the user can invite other friends to avail the app and make payment only for what they had ordered in the first place. It is also done from the smartphone itself circumventing the need to hand over your credit cards for payment. Rest assured the payment and transaction are instant and very much secure. You can also view a log of the previous payments which you made in the eatery. For takeouts make the order, and then you will know when the food will be ready as viewed from the tracking feature of the app. You can also customize your order so that it reaches the restaurant’s counter-top at your preferred timing. All you need is to come and collect the food and be on your way. The motto followed by this clever restaurant app is “Order, Pay & Go”- simple as that!. 

It mainly serves to mitigate time delays in restaurants apart from providing an enthralling experience when it comes to dining.