iCashout- The suggested app for gourmets !

October 25, 2017

The iCashout app offers a neat, clever and most importantly smart way for foodies and gourmets when being associated with eateries and restaurants. After the manipulation of the app not even a single moment in the restaurant will be associated with impatience or boredom. The user is guaranteed to be jubilant and enthralled when dining in at any eatery which has partnered with the iCashout app. It also serves to reduce the time associated with waiters and servers in the restaurants and considerable amount of time is also saved when being in a diner.  

The start of its amazing features encompasses the feature for the user to be alerted by the smartphone restaurant app if a partnered eatery is nearby. It serves effectively as a radar for this purpose.

Once the foodies reach the eatery, they will be greeted by the iCashout app and they are all set to make preparations related to eating their food in peace. The gourmets and food lovers can order their food from the mobile device rather than waiting patiently for a server to come and take down the orders. The dynamic menu of the app assists in ordering the food very much effectively. The foodies can also add specifications related to how the dish must be prepared and the data is inputted so that it reaches the kitchen department of the restaurant and rest assured the food item will be served hot and delicious along with satiating your desires to the fullest.

The user can then track the food as it is being cooked until it is ready to be served. Thus it serves to enthrall the foodies and keep them occupied till the time the food is ready to eat.

Next, after the delicious food has satiated the gourmets to the fullest, comes the part where the annoying aspect of bill payment is present. 

The app user/ food lover never have the need to hand out the cards for payment. And similar to ordering food, the payment is also done with the help of the smartphone quickly, smartly and securely as well.This is because the iCashout app encompasses a PCI Compliant technology to make this feasible. The foodies can also invite other friends who have joined them for the lunch or dinner to pay from the app itself and it encompasses a feature where the foodies can pay only for what they eat and that there are no presence of extra charges billed by mistake. The software in the app will take care of that efficiently

The foodies will know when the food will be prepared and ready when dining in a restaurant or making a takeaway. Payment process has also been simplified and with the time conservation, the gourmets can be on their way to deal with other appointments for the day.

That will give an overview of how the iCashout app is simple yet effective for the epicures and gourmets who want to be treated with a special way when it comes to dining.