iCashout- The way how dining is done at restaurants

October 24, 2017

Featured in every restaurants is the routine format where people go to the hotel, wait for a table then patiently await the servers to come and jot down the orders. Next, it is followed by the time associated with waiting for the dish to be prepared and once done after eating, paying the bill by providing the credit cards or debit cards with the risk of data being  compromised by third party sources.

The food lovers crave for something unique and different for a change when they approach the diners to have their tasty meals.They prefer to be enthralled completely through out their time in the eatery. They want the food to be served in time and finish it so that they can carry out their other appointments for the day.  

For a revolutionary upheaval with respect to dining in a eatery, you can go for the iCashout app which has become very much popular in the locality and has been embraced by several restaurants in the neighbourhood. With iCashout you are also rest assured that your payments for the bill are made faster enough and most importantly safe and secure. 

The smart app also features a vibrant picture menu where the user can order their food and finish everything in very few steps all from the vicinity of their smartphones. It is as effective as that!

For a start, the app notifies the user if a partnered restaurant is in the neighbourhood of where the user is presently located. It acts as a radar beacon alerting the user. 

Once you are in the restaurant, you will be greeted by a welcome message from iCashout and there is no needof you being a tech savvy person to manipulate the app to do your bidding. Everything is made very simple and you can gain mastery with regards to app usage in a very short time. 

Next, the user can make their orders from the smartphone itself without having to wait for a waiter to come and jot down your orders. Rest assured the amazing app also allows you to customize your favorite dish being prepared. Every detail can be inputted and you are put in touch with the kitchen chef. The order is then tracked at every stage as it is being prepared.

Thats it!, you are then ready for a sumptuous meal

Next comes the bill payment, all done without having to hand over your cards for payment. It is done from your smartphone itself. The app integrates a PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing technology to facilitate the same where it is ascertained that there is no risk of any data being compromised.

You can also invite your friends who have come with you to make the payment from the app. The App smartly makes sure that you pay only for what you eat thanks to its bill splitting feature integrated.

Once the payment is done, you are all set to go.

You would surely be enthralled by the app and will look forward for the next time to use it.

One of these fine days, your favorite restuarant will be associated with the app and Bon Appetit !!!