The iCashout app which serves to innovate your dining experience at restaurants with the simple motto “Order, Pay & Go”!!

October 20, 2017

In restaurants generally, the food lovers who visit them would yearn to be provided with an enthralling way of dining. Related to the same iCashout app is a cleverly designed software which ascertains that there is not even a single minute where you are bored in the eateries. It serves to ensure that the user has a wonderful time at the restaurants right from the moment they enter the eatery until the bill has been paid and they are all set to leave.

The app has partnered with several famous eateries in the city and is gaining rapid momentum related to its reach and visibility. Any diner must surely integrate this app into their operational logic so as to promote more visits and also augment their sales very much in a positive note

The start of your surprises related to what the app has to offer begins from the smartphone, which will notify the user with the help of the app that a restaurant which has partnered with the app is nearby. Sounds great, isn’t it? 

Once you enter the restaurant, there is no need for you to wait patiently until a server comes to note your orders. You can manipulate the app to make orders by yourself and you will be surely delighted by the way how the app neatly guides you through all the steps when it comes to making an order. The next surprise is that you are linked up with the restaurant’s chef so as to ascertain that the food is cooked according to your taste and preferences. Feed in whatever related information you want via the app so that your food is served all the more delicious and tasty.

Next, you can track the various phases of the ordered food as it is being prepared so as to attract your attention and ensure that you are not left feeling bored during the time, the food is cooked. You are all set to eat your tasty food now without any hassles.

If you want to make a takeout, the same logic applies here as in dining, but what is amazing here is that there are no wait times associated with making your takeout. The app notifies you as the food is being prepared and will let you know when it is ready. Payment can also be done in prior and all you have to do is come to the eatery and collect your food from the countertop without spending even a moment waiting.

When dining with friends, you can make them use the app and it’s handy bill splitting feature ensures to circumvent chaos will paying bills so that the user pays only for what he eats. The payment is done from the smartphone and it is done quickly and most importantly in a secure way where you don’t have to give your credit or debit cards to third parties.

One of these fine days, the iCashout app will be synced with your favorite eatery and do avail this app for a smart way of dining!.