The app which provides the preferred way when it comes to dining

October 20, 2017

iCashout- The word is synonymous with an effective and amazing way of dining in eateries. 

The typical food lover would prefer a revolutionary approach when eating out after being accustomed to how a normal dining would take place in any restaurant. The person who has come to a restaurant will be tired and annoyed of waiting for a table and then waiting for a server to come and jot down the orders. This is followed by the dull timeframe for the food to be served where it definitely tests the diner’s patience. Then last but not the least, comes the bill payment with the help of credit cards where there is always the concern that confidential information can be hacked related to the transaction being made.

If you are looking a fresh and good experience related to dining in restaurants or making a takeout, then iCashout is the way to go. This smart app ensures that there is no dull moment for its users in the restaurants which have partnered with this innovative iCashout app. 

For a start, the iCashout app will notify the user base that a restaurant which has been associated with it, is in close proximity of wherever the user is currently located. 

Once having reached the restaurant, the user has to initiate the dining experience by clicking on “Eat In” where the user can order the food from the vicinity of the smartphone itself where the app is developed that smartly so that you can attain mastery related to handling it. The user is synced up with the cooking people of the eatery so as to ensure that food is prepared according to what the user desires it to be.

Next, the user can track the progress of the food being cooked from the moment the necessary ingredients are gathered until the time the food is ready to be served hot. The user can also add additional chairs to the table if they get additional guests who have come by surprise.

iCashout is integrated with a PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing technology which is very much secure and ensures that it is not vulnerable to any breach or attacks by malicious minded people.

You can pay the bill from the smartphone itself, mitigating the time associated with paying bills and also ascertaining that it is carried out in a smooth and streamlined manner being completely safe.