The preferred way of dining in restaurants

October 13, 2017

What is typical of a normal restaurant? Waiting for a table to be reserved, then waiting for the servers to come and note down the orders, then waiting for the food to be prepared and served hot and then the tiresome process of paying bills with the worry that the credit card could be exploited by malicious third parties. iCashout serves to promote a smart way of association with restaurants where the user is ensured that he is not bored or made dull even for a moment when in a restaurant. It serves to eliminate servers from the picture where the users can manipulate the innovative app to make their orders and ensure that they are synced up with the kitchen chefs so that the food is prepared as per how the diner wants it to be.

The diners can then view the progress of the order as it is being cooked. Coming to bill payments, the app is integrated with a PCI/ EMV Compliant Technology related to Payment where the payments are done from the smartphone itself quickly and most importantly securely as well. Sometimes there will be some confusion related to the splitting up of bills when dining with more people. The app smartly tackles that scenario and will ensure that you will pay only for what you ordered. You can invite your co-diners and friends to use iCashout so that they also benefit from the advanced feature related to bill splitting.

The app also acts as a beacon when the user is in the vicinity of a restaurant which has partnered with the iCashout app. Wait time is reduced considerably with iCashout where in case of takeouts it is ascertained that the user can come to the restaurant at his preferred timing and get the parcel from the countertop without waiting for anything. The app has been a success in eateries associated with New Jersey and one day you will be making use of the iCashout app for a memorable and exciting dining associated with your favorite restaurant.