The iCashout app which serves to innovate your dining experience at restaurants with the simple motto “Order, Pay & Go”!!

In restaurants generally, the food lovers who visit them would yearn to be provided with an enthralling way of dining. Related to the same iCashout app is a cleverly designed software which ascertains that there is not even a single minute where you are bored in the eateries. It serves to ensure that the user has a wonderful time at the restaurants right from the moment they enter the eatery until the bill has been paid and they are all set to leave.

The app which provides the preferred way when it comes to dining

iCashout- The word is synonymous with an effective and amazing way of dining in eateries.

The typical food lover would prefer a revolutionary approach when eating out after being accustomed to how a normal dining would take place in any restaurant. The person who has come to a restaurant will be tired and annoyed of waiting for a table and then waiting for a server to come and jot down the orders. This is followed by the dull timeframe for the food to be served where it definitely tests the diner’s patience. Then last but not the least,

The preferred way of dining in restaurants

What is typical of a normal restaurant? Waiting for a table to be reserved, then waiting for the servers to come and note down the orders, then waiting for the food to be prepared and served hot and then the tiresome process of paying bills with the worry that the credit card could be exploited by malicious third parties. iCashout serves to promote a smart way of association with restaurants where the user is ensured that he is not bored or made dull even for a moment when in a restaurant.

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(i). Technology POS system iCashout features a point of sale system which is an amalgamation of the software and hardware where the merchant base can do transactions and make the enterprise operations very much simpler. The POS system which we have incorporated provides additional flexibility related to transactions. Featured are tools to smoothen the business functioning and enhance[…]


In order to safeguard from Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks, the iCashout app manipulate the aspect of unique CSRF tokens which augment the security of the application and prevents the occurrence of malicious security breaches originating from CSRF. Provided the CSRF tokens are implemented as a signature over the session assertion, it signifies that the token[…]